New Podcast Available: It Takes All Of Us

August 30, 2023
International Podcast Day is Saturday, September 30th

To celebrate & spread awareness for mental health, NAMI Maine has started our first podcast series! Follow our Spotify Channel & catch up on the episodes we’ve released so far:

Click Here = Episode #1

Click Here = Episode #2

This unofficial holiday was created by Steve Lee of Modern Life Network, in 2014. Originally, the day was known as National Podcast Day and its first observance was commemorated with a 6-hour-long broadcast. After this, the people at Modern Life Network realized the potential that this day had on an international level and changed it to International Podcast Day, and it has stayed like that since 2015. They have broadcasted hundreds of hours since the beginning of this commemoration and had the participation of podcasters from around 70 countries around the globe. Visit This Link for More Info:

Podcasts are great for catching up on interesting stories, sharing laughs, and for supporting your mental health! Here is a list of 30 popular mental health #podcasts… Let us know your favorites in the comments!