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Helping Maine Families Achieve Balance

The Family Respite Services Program supports the healthy functioning of families of children who have higher needs. The Respite Program connects parents and caregivers with trained, caring adults who can provide specialized care. With Respite, a caregiver can take some time for themselves with peace of mind.

Parents. Guardians. Caregivers.

Family Respite is Here to Help

Parenting and raising a child is often challenging, however, it can be a greater challenge with a child with developmental and/or behavioral health needs. Families who use respite care often find that it helps them create a better balance in their lives.

NAMI Maine - Respite Providers Needed

Essential Support for Maine Families

Family Respite relies on the caring neighbors, friends, kinship, and community members who are looking to give back and expand on NAMI’s network of support for Maine families. Respite providers are trained and certified individuals who provide supervision and engagement with children who have higher needs while their caregivers take a much-needed break.

Join Our Network of certified providers who are helping families lead healthier and happier lives. Be a positive influence on a young person’s life, while giving relief to their caregivers.

NAMI Maine Graphic
NAMI Maine Graphic
Maine Alliance of Family Organizations (MAFO) Supporting Families Together

The Maine Alliance of Family Organizations (MAFO) is a statewide alliance that was formed to better serve families of children with disabilities and special health care needs, and to strengthen family voice.

NAMI Maine and the Family Respite program are proud to work with this dynamic group of organizations, committed to better serving families across our state.

Alliance Members:
NAMI Maine, Maine Parent Federation, Autism Society of ME, GEAR Parent Network, and Foster Families of ME


NAMI Maine Family Respite Team:

Haley Gauvin - NAMI Maine's Associate Director of Respite

Associate Director of Respite
(800) 464-5767 x 2326

Ross Libby

Manager of Respite Region Two
(800) 464-5767 x 2316

Chelsay Evans

Respite Administrative Manager
(800) 464-5767 x 2314

NAMI Maine Graphic
White Graphic - NAMI Maine