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Maine Suicide Prevention Program


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A 1-3 hour presentation intended to increase suicide prevention awareness in a general audience, or within staff meeting and conference workshop setting. This training will provide general and basic information on suicide and suicide prevention with resources available for further training. It is also used to tailor the presented material for specific groups of increased risk, including men, veterans, older adults, the LGBTQ community and others.


Gatekeeper Training

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Gatekeeper Training is the foundation of the Maine Suicide Prevention Program (MSPP) and is a pre-requisite to the MSPP school-based curriculum training and the Training of Trainers.  It provides a deep overview of suicide in Maine and the US, and teaches basic intervention and resources for response.

This is a full-day training for adults in school and community settings. Completion of this training fulfills the requirements of LD 609 as an option for school staff.

This training will provide:

  • The fundamentals of suicide prevention

  • Up-to-date information about suicide

  • Basic suicide intervention skills

  • Personal confidence and the ability to effectively respond to suicidal behavior

  • Helpful resources

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Offered for School Personnel or in Healthcare Settings

Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is the direct, deliberate destruction of body tissue in the absence of suicidal intent. It has been on the rise over the past 2 decades. Among youth and young adults, it is frequently an issue of concern in education, health and behavioral health settings. Though usually not a suicidal act, there is significant connection between self-injury and suicide risk that must be understood and addressed.

This training will review demographics, risk factors and warning signs of self-injury as well as recommendations for assessment, intervention and management of self-injury. Introduction to NSSI protocol development and implementation will be offered as well as resources to support professional staff to address assessment and ongoing treatment needs.

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*This training is recommended for nurses, behavioral health clinicians and other professional staff working in educational or healthcare settings. Additional resources on the topic of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury:

The Cornell Research Program for Self-Injury Recovery: Excellent information for family members & professionals on a wide range of self-injury topics

Adolescent Self Injury Foundation: Provides education, prevention tips, and resources for self-injurious adolescents and their families

Please reach out to us for additional assistance as needed.

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For assistance in developing suicide prevention awareness and prevention methods in your community, please contact Suicide Prevention Coordinator at mspp@namimaine.org or (800) 464-5767 x 2318.