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Teen Mental Health Text Line - NAMI Maine

NAMI Maine’s Teen Text Support Line is a free, confidential resource for youth from 13-23 years of age. Staffed by trained support specialists 18-24 years old.

Text Us at (207) 515-8398
We’re here for you everyday from 2pm – 10pm EST

Please Note: The Teen Text Support Line is not a crisis line. In addition, the Teen Text Support Line cannot support users with international phone numbers.


Here To Help

National Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline: 988

Maine’s Statewide Crisis Line: (888) 568-1112 

Trevor Project LGBTQ Crisis Line: (866) 488-7386
or text “START” to 678-678

Let's Talk About Mental Health - Teens
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Mandated Reporting

Although NAMI Maine Teen Text Line staff are dedicated to honoring your privacy by maintaining confidentiality about your disclosures when you text, there are a few circumstances in which we are required to break confidentiality:

  • You are a danger to yourself and threaten to harm yourself
  • You threaten to harm or report harm to another person
  • You are under 18 years old and report that you are a victim of abuse

Help Us Spread the Word

You can help other teens get the help they might not know exists. Make a huge impact and share all NAMI has to offer!

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There's An APP For That

MindDoc App
MindDoc: Your Companion
Provides support through difficult times and asks daily questions to screen for depression symptoms. This app works to strengthen your awareness of thoughts & emotions. *Available on
 iPhone and Android
Depression CBT Self-help Guide - App
Depression CBT Self-help Guide
Uses tools based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, to lessen the symptoms of depression. Learn about CBT & how it can help change improve your life. *Available
 on Android
Happily App
Filled with science–based activities that help to overcome negative thoughts and stress, to become more positive & relaxed. This app takes you on a mental health journey, which is filled with educational videos and games to improve positivity. *Available on iPhone and Android
Depression & Anxiety
Designed to decrease anxiety and promote better sleep, this app focuses on four key areas: meditation, breathing, sleep, & relaxation. It provides music, breathing programs & other ways to de–stress. *Available on
 iPhone and Android
Me+ Daily Routine Planner App
Me+ Daily Routine Planner
Create routines for self-care activities and other healthy habits to help you stay on track to meet your goals. Get friendly reminders, customize your schedule, and improve your well-being. *Available on iPhone and Android
Sanvello App
Provides many tools for self–care and stress relief, such as mood tracking & clinically validated techniques for feeling better: Learning Tools, Peer Support, Coaching & Therapy *Available on iPhone and Android
Virtual Therapy
TalkSpace App

Allows you to take an assessment and be matched with a list of online therapists. This app also allows you to change therapists, so that you can find the therapist that is the right fit for you. *
Available on
iPhone and Android

BetterHelp App
This app is gives you the opportunity to match with a therapist that is the right fit for you. There is also the ability to message your therapist at any time. *
Available on iPhone and Android
Teen Counseling App
Teen Counseling
This app is made by BetterHelp specifically for those age 13-18. It has all of the same tools and benefits as BetterHelp, but it’s geared toward the mental health of teenagers. *
Available on iPhone and Android
Self-Harm / Safety Planning
Calm Harm App
Calm Harm
This app provides tasks that help you track and resist self-harm urges. *Available on
 iPhone and Android
notOK App

Press the “notOK” button to easily and quickly reach out for support from trusted contacts. Also features local warm lines and Crisis Text Line. *Available on iPhone and Android

Wysa App

Connect with artificially intelligent (AI) chatbot to relieve stress and learn skills for coping. Complete self-care activities & “SOS” section provides crisis helplines and allows you to create a safety plan. *Available on iPhone and Android



Thinkladder App

ThinkLadder – Self-awareness
Facilitates the evaluation of negative thoughts associated with stress, relational conflict, anxiety, and depression. Unhelpful beliefs can then be challenged, and new cognitive pathways can be informed. The insight finder within the app helps to identify subconscious beliefs that perpetuate unwanted behaviors. *Available on iPhone and Android

Smiling Mind App

Smiling Mind: Meditation
Mindfulness & Positive Psychology. An excellent research background, SmilingMind is a leading digital-led, prevention-focused mental health not-for-profit. Follow guided training programs in mindfulness meditation to reduce stress & improve wellbeing. *Available on iPhone and Android

Evolve App

Evolve: Daily Self-Growth, CBT
This app provides the tools you need for self-care and relaxation. Using a combination of CBT and DBT, this app will help you to sleep well, lessen the effects of depression, be more productive and improve mental health. *Available on iPhone and Android

Insight Timer App

Insight Timer
Helps Teens with Meditation, Sleep & Stress. Best for free guided meditations and talks from celebrities and gurus around the world. *Available on iPhone and Android

NAMI Maine Graphic
NAMI Maine Graphic
Bipolar Disorder
eMoods App
EMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker
Helps you track your mood and provides an opportunity to see your mood patterns in visual form. Also sends the information to a doctor or therapist if you wish. *Available on
 iPhone and Android
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

NOCD: OCD Treatment App
Incorporates mindfulness and exposure response prevention treatment. It provides immediate support and guidance when OCD strikes & allows you to take weekly tests to assess the severity of your OCD. *Available on iPhone and Android

Eating Disorder
Recovery Record - Eating Disorder App

Recovery Record
Can be helpful to anyone recovering from an eating disorder and wanting to develop a more positive body image. Allows you to keep a record of the meals you eat & how they make you feel. *Available on iPhone and Android

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTSD Coach App

PTSD Coach
This app offers self-assessment for PTSD, opportunities to find support, and tips for positive self-talk and anger management. You can customize the app based on your own wants and needs. *Available on iPhone and Android

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QuitNow App

QuitNow: Quit smoking
This app helps individuals beat their habits or addictions. It is a recovery tool to track and monitor progress. *Available on iPhone and Android


Saying When
This app allows you to monitor when and how much you drink. It allows you to take part in self-assessment, set personalized goals, and monitor urges. *Available on iPhone and Android

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