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NAMI Family-to-Family

Family Mental Health Support Group - NAMI
NAMI Family-To-Family Program

Helpful Skills

NAMI Family-to-Family is a free, 8-session educational program for family and friends of adults living with mental health conditions.

When you participate in NAMI Family-to-Family you will gain information and strategies for taking care of the person you love. You’ll also learn that you’re not alone. The group setting of NAMI Family-to-Family provides mutual support and shared positive impact from people who understand your situation.

NAMI Family-to-Family will help you learn:

  • How to solve problems and communicate effectively

  • Taking care of yourself and managing your stress

  • Supporting your loved one with compassion

  • Up-to-date information on mental health conditions and how they affect the brain

  • How to handle a crisis

  • Current treatments and therapies

  • Finding and using local supports and services

  • The impact of mental health conditions on the entire family

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This helpful program is a designated evidenced-based program. This means that research shows that the program significantly improves the coping and problem-solving abilities of the people closest to a person with a mental health condition.

NAMI Family-to-Family is taught by NAMI-trained family members who have been there, and includes presentations, discussions and interactive exercises.