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NAMI Family Support Group

NAMI Maine - Family Support Group

Do you have a loved one living with a mental health condition?

The NAMI Maine Family Support Group is offered in a variety of locations both in-person and online, and meets on different days each month to better serve you.

Principles of Support

The Principles of Support represent what we are striving for as we struggle to come to terms with mental illness. This is our belief system regarding universal, necessary truths that guide and strengthen us when life deals us this particular challenge.

  1. We will see the individual first, not the illness.
  2. We recognize mental illnesses are medical illnesses that may have environmental triggers.
  3. We understand that mental illnesses are traumatic events.
  4. We aim for better coping skills.
  5. We find strength in sharing experiences.
  6. We reject stigma and do not tolerate discrimination.
  7. We won’t judge anyone’s pain as less than our own.
  8. We forgive ourselves and reject guilt.
  9. We embrace humor as healthy.
  10. We accept we cannot resolve all problems.
  11. We expect a better future in a realistic way.
  12. We will never give up hope!

By joining one of our Family Support Groups, you will work through your emotions and feelings in connection to your loved ones who may suffer from mental illness while meeting others who may share similar experiences and tools to grow and prosper.

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